Excellent Light Fastness. High performance. Quick Drying High Pigmentation. High Scratch Resistance High Resistance to jellification LOW Blocking Tendency


TECHICAL SPECIFICATIONS A-CHEMICAL SPECIFICATION: Delivery Viscosity 35-40 SEC (ford Cup 4) Depends on the Color Printing viscosity 15-25 SEC (FORD CUP 4) Depends on printing Type


Avoid direct contact with skin and eyes. By Correct use and handling of the TCP Product range the user is not exposed toany and health Risks. For It's not Projected to have any significant Harmful


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We provide top notch support for all of our themes 24/7 to our customers world wide.

  • T-C Color's Ink Charatrized by Glossy & transparecn

  • T-C Color's Ink Closer to the image true Color

  • T-C Color's Ink various as: cyan, blue cyan, blue cyan, magenta, yellow


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T-Color has been established in 1995 as a first company in producing flexo and Roto inks from high quality European pigment and pigment chips with heat resis tance up to 180 C which can be increased up to 250 C according to customer demand to cover wide range of printing and packaging industries sector

T- Color name means True Color so we have a new look to the printing industries .
We can change the color composition to meet your demand

Directed T - Keller attention in its policy strategy to:
Competence and teamwork.
Flexibility to maintain a good relationship with customers.
Trust and mutual respect.

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